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Model: Paper corner

The biggest under pressure for 1 ton 
Along with the international market of packaging of increasing environmental protection requirements, in order to achieve fast customs clearance inspection in order to realize rapid logistics requirements, the company with many successful cooperation to develop high strength of the whole paper pallet, paper tray) 
Enjoying export Europe, America, Japan and other countries the advantages of exempted from inspection 
Have good slow scale, board face level off, high pressure and high bearing quality, etc 
Suitable for all types of cargo transportation 
The whole paper, high strength, can follow customer request custom specifications 

Product Detail
After the paper protects the angle is many kraft paper duplicatepastes, after protects the angle machine stereotypia to suppressbecomes (also called EdgeBoard), after uses in the goods to pilefolds, makes up the strong packing material lateral support strengthor prevented bumps damages uses. The commonly used specification hasthe on-hand merchandise supply, (special specification needs separateordering)
Increase angle intensity
Protects the corner plate to be possible to reinforce the boxinterior to increase folds puts the intensity.
Corner protection
With protects the corner plate to wrap product all corners, mayin the entire transporting operating process the protection and thestrut product.
Complete quoin protection
EdgeBoard can wrap in from each aspect the product the sameplace, solid causes it to be reliable.
Sets up the angle protection
Protects the corner plate to be possible to fix the cargo inthe tray, simultaneously also gets up the protective function.
Side protection
May provide assigns thickness and the length to the customerprotects the corner plate.
Terminal protection
Protects the corner plate to be able to protect the place whichthe product corner is easy to damage, both can fix the product and tobe allowed to prevent hits damage which the bandage brings.
Surrounds protects the corner plate
Surrounds protects the corner plate to be allowed to bewilfully curving, thus protection tube shape product in reason andoutflow boundary.
Automatic agglutination
The automatic agglutination protects the corner plate, causesto protect fixing which the corner plate may facilitate in the packingedge, thus simplification packing procedure.