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About Us
Elegance packing industrial co., LTD., shunde district, foshan city, was founded in 2005, has 12 years of experience in producing paper products, your satisfaction is our pursuit. Company specializing in the production of paper Angle protector, paper card board, paper pallet, honeycomb paper, paper board, fiber in the environmental protection pallet products. BB/T0023-2004 according to the national standard for production, and through strict quality evaluation of inspection, to ensure the quality of the products.

Company has more than 10000 square meters standard workshop, more than 100 employees, perfect supporting production equipment, advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) management mode, can make the whole packaging products production of each process is not false.

Enterprise for more than a decade has always been to customer first, quality first, keep promise, quick delivery and reasonable price, to ensure customer contentment. Welcome to the pursuit of high quality packaging products customers contact us, hope you can support us to continue to explore and develop in the packaging industry.

Company production of paper products has the pressure resistance, light weight, green environmental protection, low cost, fumigation-free can realize fast customs clearance and other characteristics, is an ideal new green packaging materials. Our factory specialized in manufacturing all kinds of paper Angle protector, paper card board, paper pallet, honeycomb paper, paper board, the fiber pallet products of environmental protection, can be door-to-door delivery within the pearl river delta. Our customers throughout the pearl river delta, products are exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan and other country.

Has many years of experience in production of paper products, production of series of paper packaging products strong compression degree, residual resistance is big, hard and good toughness, not easy broken, etc.

Company advantages:

Ronggui town, shunde district, foshan city, located in the hinterland of the pearl river delta. \"People-oriented\" management concept, with the dominant idea of \"to do strongly does\", continuously to the enterprise development, the development to the factory covers an area of 10000 square meters, has three branch factory of large professional printing and packaging company.

Perfect management, advanced technology, and equipped with a variety of technical personnel, excellent quality and perfect service trusted by the masses of customers! Existing customers, midea, galanz, wei shang, panasonic, kelon, guangdong welling, and other large well-known enterprises

Company philosophy:

Our management idea: the environmental protection.

Our goal: let more people realize the importance of environmental protection, to protect the earth a hand.

Our business principle: we are not price, is the quality of the products, we and a lot of the same industry than not profit, but to the attention of the environmental protection, please don't borrow the banner, but the product, but the adulteration of environmental protection. The pollution of environment, the suffering is all the people who live on the earth.