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       Our commitment to customers is: under the condition of equal competition, elegance packing paper Angle protector, honeycomb paper pallet, paper board, honeycomb cardboard, honeycomb cardboard in not to reduce product technical performance, change the product on the basis of the cost of raw materials, sincerely to provide you the best price. Sales staff to tracking service users, consult the user's opinion and the suggestion, fill in the access to the records.

       Opinions, requirements and problems for the users, the company relevant departments within the allotted time find out the reason, take corresponding measures.

For product quality problems, baotuibaohuan within the prescribed time limit.

Elegance brand to carry out "quality first, user first, customer satisfaction" work principle, the company established a perfect after-sales service system, better for paper Angle protector, honeycomb paper pallet, paper skateboard, honeycomb cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, and other products to provide after-sales service.

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