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The paper packaging industry development present situationHoneycomb paper tray characteristics and using range

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Modern society is pay attention to efficiency, to do everything in the industrial production, i.e. to production and to protect the environment. Daily life is known to all the various goods will be packing, packaging not only let a person see the purpose of the product itself, packaging also need to protect the goods from the damage of the outside world. So, the use of packing more and more, unavoidably caused great pressure on the environment. At home and abroad in recent years, scientists continually research a kind of industrial production and the protection of the environment coexistence of products. As a new type of green environmental protection product, honeycomb cardboard, honeycomb paper tray abundant raw materials, low cost, light weight, good elasticity, buffer good performance, can be recycled, in line with the international development trend of the packing.
A, honeycomb paper tray Tray is the most basic carrier of modern logistics operation, is the most basic logistics unitized equipment, in a sense, the tray application level is to measure a country one of the important standards of modern logistics development level. Tray (Pal l et) "for the placement of container, storage, handling and transportation as a unit load of goods and products level platform device." In the process of circulation, tray used with forklift, realized the mechanization and specialization operation, improve the efficiency of the logistics operation, reduce the damage rate of product and logistics cost. Classified according to the material of tray, the tray can be divided into: wood, steel, plastic, plywood pallets, wooden pallets in our country accounts for about 90% of the total pallet. In this case, on the one hand, a lot of use wooden pallets, and most of the wooden pallet is only for one-time use, the quality is low, cyclic utilization rate is not high also, caused the waste of forest resources, caused the adverse effects on our country's ecological environment; On the other hand, after the accession to the WTO, domestic enterprises face the severe test of the green barriers, not only for export products conform to the requirements of the trade importer environmental technology itself, and its outer packing also must conform to the technical requirements. Dismantling destroyed wood packaging, and all costs shall be borne by the exporter, the our country export commodities wood packaging and the wooden tray is a big challenge. Protect forest resources and reduce the "white pollution", require packaging world must find a real wood substitutes. Therefore, actively develop and use new packing material instead of wood packing material, reduce the dosage of natural lumber is imperative. Have unique properties of honeycomb paperboard and cheap price and performance of environmental protection, as is now looking for alternative wood packaging and pallet opened the train of thought. Honeycomb paperboard is following corrugated board of a new type of packaging materials. The manufacture and application of the honeycomb cardboard from the invention and application of cellular technology. In the early 1940 s, some developed countries such as America and Britain take the lead in research, development and application in the field of military industry with honeycomb structure material. Most of these materials in aluminum alloy or light alloy processing, has high strength, light quality characteristics, mainly used in spacecraft and aircraft wings, and largely reduce the vehicle weight, so that the vehicle speed has been greatly improved. After the second world war, the honeycomb sandwich materials production application development quickly in developed countries. Especially the Netherlands, the UK, good technology and equipment, product quality is stable, widely used in aerospace, aviation, construction, packaging, decoration, furniture, storage, transportation and other fields. After 10 years of development and application, the honeycomb sandwich materials technology has already been mature, application domain expands unceasingly. Due to very plane compressive strength of honeycomb paperboard, so of honeycomb cardboard tray can be used for flooring, can also be used as a tray of longitudinal beam or block, would then the girder or the standard size of block consisting of several layers of thick honeycomb cardboard combinations. It is because of the presence of the honeycomb paper tray, for the pallet industry as well as the entire packaging industry is a milestone in development.