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Paper Angle protector in the application of the product packaging

Add Time:2014/8/23    Clicks:7706

In recent years, the paper containers because of its low cost, save resource, mechanical processing performance is good, can use in mass production mechanization, easy to printing, when using the advantages of harmless non-toxic, easy recycling and welcome by consumers, more because with green, environmental protection concept, paper products packaging among the top of the packaging materials used. However, in the paper the process of constant development, people also found that the shortcoming of the paper, such as poor carton packaging bearing, easy deformation and so on. In the face of these problems in the developing, paper Angle protector is emerging in the paper, especially in the honeycomb carton packaging, corrugated carton packaging. In the process of the development of the whole, paper Angle protector also began to change the shape of it before, appeared around the protection of Angle, bending Angle, U protect horn, etc.
In the honeycomb carton packaging, first using honeycomb cardboard box production, make it a full body, and then the paper corner protector around its for reinforcement. With honeycomb cardboard paper Angle protector, not only enhances the compressive properties of honeycomb cardboard box, the honeycomb carton bearing capacity increases greatly, also improve the performance of honeycomb carton of beautiful, makes the honeycomb carton looks more perfect. Corrugated carton, paper Angle protector, such as poor bearing capacity, easy to deformation faults also got obvious improvement.
For a long time, the shape of the paper Angle protector and USES no change, only the straight bar, used for carton and so on edge. However, with the increasing demand for paper Angle protector, is also an expanding its use range, such as before as the cartons as development of edge into the coil and other bucket of object edge around the corner. U corner protector as another kind of deformation of paper Angle protector, its usage is also rising. Now, U protect horn is mainly used in the production of paper tray. Compared with v-shaped protect horn, U protect horn has great superiority. Paper tray to use U corner protector can increase the bearing capacity of the paper tray, also facilitate the paper tray processing production, improve the efficiency of the production of paper tray.
Because the paper Angle protector has product bundle together can be more strong enough to make the whole packing the goods fixed protection on the edge of the product and its effect on the tray, protect and support the product in the process of handling and according to the customer's different specifications and requirements tailored advantages, more and more widely applied in the product packaging. At present, the domestic paper Angle protector and there have been some production of paper for kok production line manufacturers, the Shanghai green packaging machinery co., LTD is specializing in the production of paper for kok production line and the first domestic paper cutter and paper Angle protector of packaging materials manufacturers, one of the company according to market needs, developed a complete set of novel design, excellent manufacture, easy operation, complete function, reasonable price of paper for kok production line and cutter, welcome by the masses of users and support.
In April 6 ~ 9 in Shanghai new international expo center at the "2011 China international exhibition of corrugated (SINOCORRUGATED2011)" is the world's largest and the most professional corrugated, the exhibition will showcase nearly one thousand kinds of equipment and consumables. This, that the audience will see the exhibitors from Shanghai green shun enterprises of all kinds of paper Angle protector and latest paper Angle protector production equipment.