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With new environmentally friendly stone - honeycomb composite material

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New environmental protection material - honeycomb composite materials


With the rapid development of our country's economy, increase the demand for wood, mainly concentrated in the field of construction, furniture, packaging and paper. According to statistics, in 2003 China's timber imports about 123.16 million m3, and still is on the rise. In 2003 imports of logs, sawn timber, man-made board, wood pulp and paper and cardboard consumption collect $13 billion, more than 1000 one hundred million yuan, is second only to oil, iron and steel, the third largest foreign exchange products. Shortage of wood.

Honeycomb composite application. It is a new type of material, its light weight, high strength, stiffness, buffers, isolation, heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation, and other functions, is widely used in construction, transport manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, packaging and transportation, instead of wood, clay brick and high expanded polystyrene, with high economic value, and can be recycled; At the same time can save a lot of forest resources, the protection and improvement of ecological environment, is a kind of conform to the development of the theme of environmental protection new materials in the 21st century.

1. The origin of the honeycomb paperboard

Scientists have discovered that bees do six hexagonal planar nest is a masterpiece, it with the least amount of material consumption, build a very strong cellular, its structure is more powerful than any other in the shape of a structure. Because this kind of arrangement of metope and a series of continuous mesh structure of honeycomb shape, to spread to undertake external forces from all sides, the honeycomb structure of extrusion pressure resistance, circular or square is much higher than any other. Scientist on the research of the honeycomb structure, give people enlightenment is that even a very thin material, made honeycomb shape, as long as it can withstand a lot of pressure. It is inspired by honeycomb and honeycomb structure material to come out.

Honeycomb panel general points of metal and nonmetal two kinds big. Metal honeycomb panel is mainly used in the aircraft industry, the steam turbine manufacturing, ship manufacturing, transportation, etc. Non-metallic honeycomb panel, fiber and paper. Fiber honeycomb panel is mainly used in transportation industry, interior decoration industry and furniture industry, etc.; Paper honeycomb panel is mainly used in packaging industry, building materials industry, furniture industry, etc. Packaging industry in the paper honeycomb panel, honeycomb cardboard, is used mainly for packing and transport packaging.

2. The forming theory of honeycomb paperboard core

The forming principle of honeycomb paperboard core, can be achieved by a simple experiment. First on one side of a piece of paper along the strip length of vertically with pitch (T), width (B), is equal to several glue line, and the pitch is 4 times of the width of the glue line, T = "4 B, we also in another piece of paper coated with the same glue line, then two slip dislocation compound, can form a hexagonal honeycomb structure.

As for dislocation viscose composite, is the second paper accurate viscose glue line in the first note two glue line spacing in the middle of the reverse of the position (as shown in figure 1), when several notes, in turn, this adhesive strip transverse away until smooth, it formed a number of hexagonal.

When change the glue line width and pitch indicates 4 b (T), honeycomb cellular will turn into other shape. When the aperture is inscribed circle diameter of cellular changes, different types of honeycomb paperboard core can be obtained. Half as big as in the actual production process, honeycomb pore diameter of paper core is easy to stretch, also can increase the speed of production, but lower strength. Generally in honeycomb pallet production, use the type B (inner diameter of 15 mm) and C (20 mm) diameter for the honeycomb paperboard core, more use in furniture type B (inner diameter of 15 mm).

3. The current status of application of the honeycomb composite materials

3.1 in pioneered the use of space

Honeycomb structure material originated from bionics, and first used in the aerospace field, it is should be the special needs of aerospace science and technology and developed a kind of super lightweight composite materials. Since the 1930 s, the first used in the manufacture of aircraft aluminum honeycomb core sandwich structure of hexagonal type, in the 70 s the United States the Boeing747 Boeing aircraft pioneered the use of nonmetallic honeycomb composite board as the floor of the airplane, by now, honeycomb composite material has been in the air, including aircraft, rockets and spacecraft has been widely used on spacecraft.

3.2 honeycomb composite material application in construction and furniture

3.2.1 in architectural use

In terms of civil honeycomb composite plate is made of very thin man-made board, made of cardboard and recycled paper honeycomb core bonding composite plate. It is very suitable for laminated material, such as cellular material composite lightweight wall, honeycomb core material accounts for only about 1 to 5% of the solid materials. For example, has developed a patented product - QD - SXZ honeycomb plasterboard (patent number ZL002164000, Shanghai science and technology achievement award. , is a kind of light, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, fire retardant, non-toxic, easy to install new building decoration materials, in construction, packaging, warehousing, transportation, traffic, in areas such as agriculture, film and television props can be widely used. In the field of architecture in the west, honeycomb composite board has been formed a series of specifications, become a kind of excellent performance, simple structure and unique important emerging materials, save resources and energy.

The use of 3.2.2 on furniture

Promote the use of cellular composite material in furniture manufacturing, will greatly reduce the usage of lumber, and can improve the defects of man-made board deformation. 20 mm thickness of the plate, for example, if you use 2.5 mm MDF panel made of honeycomb composite board, material consumption and weight was only about solid fiber board about a quarter of the; And the cost of the composite board is only about half of the solid slab, and composite board has light weight, not changeful form, convenient transportation. Therefore, in Europe, more than 80% of the door as the honeycomb composite door, most of the furniture plate for more than 20 mm thickness of honeycomb composite board.

Honeycomb composite board is very suitable for application in the board type furniture. For example, can be used in the side plate of thickness greater than 18 mm,, partition panel, roof, floor, door plank, partition and some decoration. The thick plate is more can show the advantages of cellular materials; Thick plate also has good flexural properties, used for table, tea table, TV ark, etc. Even the furniture manufacturer to be used in the manufacture of furniture supporting leg, its application is broad.

At present, only in guangdong area, the furniture enterprise to use honeycomb paperboard core was more than 200, many famous domestic furniture enterprises, such as fu yun, di letter, Mr Wolfowitz, horman, sea Wan Libao, dynasty, rich junwei, richest, gougou, day, new day, zhejiang depot and the rich, microtek in sichuan, etc., have been part of the furniture that makes use of honeycomb paperboard core components. Other might also include some IKEA OEM factory. But relative to the whole furniture industry, the use of honeycomb paperboard core manufacturing furniture is very few, also has the very big market to be exploited.

In the Hong Kong market, the use of excellent honeycomb composite material high-grade materials, made of high-grade furniture is very popular, a user called "wood". In the Japanese market, housewife is appreciate cellular furniture light, many Japanese businessmen specifically want to buy cellular furniture.

The new technologies used in 3.2.3 on furniture

Traditionally used in furniture manufacturing honeycomb panel, honeycomb panel are adopted framework yet in Hanover, Germany in May 2005 at the exhibition, the German IMA exhibited for the first time in accordance with the company for many years of research results, lightweight frameless honeycomb panel edge banding machine, it makes a new kind of efficient and low cost of lightweight frameless honeycomb panel edge banding technology is possible, in the use of paper honeycomb materials manufacturing furniture has created a new train of thought, method and prospect, it make the honeycomb paper manufacturing furniture can realize industrialization, industrialization and automation.

A new type of lightweight frameless honeycomb panel manufacturing process is a kind of industrial production process. It USES a large plate (8 '4' x, which is 1220 mm * 2440 mm) of the manufacturing process, which do no honeycomb panel frame plate first. Specific practices are as follows: the two 8 '4' x 3 mm thick high density board after cloth and rubber, intermediate clip after stretching treatment of 4 'x 8' of honeycomb paperboard. Then this group has good embryo 4 'x 8' big three layer plate into hot press in hot pressing, hot pressing after using electronic cutting saw, or cutting machine for cutting to achieve the required size. This lightweight frameless honeycomb panel, no framework, after Germany in accordance with the company production of frameless honeycomb panel of edge sealing side machine for support and decoration of edge sealing side, all kinds of panel furniture was created.

New type of lightweight frameless honeycomb panel compared with honeycomb panel with framework technology has many advantages. A framework of manufacturing process is complex, to a large extent rely on artificial, and the influence of frame precision quality is not stable, and this process is difficult to mass production scale of industrial production. Mass, mechanization and wu kuang new process can produce different specifications needed for the furniture plate. And the honeycomb panel with the same thickness of particle board the same compressive strength and breakage resistance.

New type of lightweight frameless honeycomb panel appeared in Europe and its widespread use, will also affect China's furniture industry. The furniture of different thickness needed in the production of furniture parts, can be made by choosing different thickness of honeycomb paper different thickness of lightweight frameless honeycomb panel board, and then after cutting into the required sizes of the slab. Finally the frameless honeycomb plate after Germany IMA company frameless honeycomb panel processing, edge banding machine for sealing side can get all kinds of furniture parts. This technology not only greatly reduce the weight of the thick plate furniture parts, greatly reducing process at the same time, the thick plate furniture parts manufacturing cost is reduced greatly. Predictably, the Chinese furniture industry will also appear more new lightweight frameless honeycomb panel.

3.3 in packaging applications

In the field of packaging, honeycomb cardboard, as an excellent structure, quality and cheap new environmental protection packaging materials, compared with the corrugated cardboard, wood and plastic, has an irreplaceable advantages, are being used to replace the wooden packing material and EPS foam buffer material. It with paper and wood, a ton of honeycomb paperboard can be instead of 30 ~ 50 cubic meters of wood, and the cost is only a third of the wood. Its concrete application in: board of honeycomb sandwich structure cushioning performance is better than that of corrugated board, can adopt fully within buffer or in the form of local buffer to protect.

The tray and packing. It is made of honeycomb composite tray (card board) and honeycomb packing, have without fumigation, without disinfection, don't need to heat treatment to dry, do not need to quarantine fumigation certificate issued by national customs special inspection, import and export countries and the characteristics of limit, can smoothly with cargo export, is a common international green environmental protection product. Honeycomb pallets and packing, besides has the advantages of export exempted from inspection has good buffer, board face level off, the characteristics of high quality and low price, the appearance and performance are vastly superior to the traditional natural wooden pallets, wooden boxes and packaging materials such as EPS foam inner packing. Paper tray can carry 500 kg load, compound tray can load 1000-1500 kg of weight. It can make ordinary even tray and single tray, also can be made into column pallet structure. Like corrugated carton, honeycomb paperboard can be processed into carton, but normally only to do with thinner honeycomb cardboard carton.

Gusset, edge protection and other accessories. Like a cushion, the honeycomb cardboard gusset and can be used as a transport packaging to protect the edges, it particularly suitable for assembly packaging, protection, reduce the collision and friction, reduce the damage.

At present, the honeycomb paperboard is also used to make "health coffin", packing body cremation, together after the main supply market of Hong Kong, shenzhen, dalian and other cities now began to use "health coffin".

4. The prospect analysis

In volume terms, as the electronic product of micro motor, to aircraft engines and other large-scale mechanical and electrical products; In terms of weight, as light as a few hundred grams of cellular mobile telephone, big to several tons of car parts can apply, has shown huge incomparable superiority other packing materials. It is because of many advantages of honeycomb paperboard, especially on the price and environmental protection advantages, is increasingly get governments around the world to encourage and support, has appeared in the promotion and application of encouraging situation, has very broad prospects for the industrialization of the market.

In our country, honeycomb materials are increasingly brought to the attention of the relevant state departments and support, to become hotspots of investment by in high and new technology in recent years, including fully automatic production of complete sets of equipment of honeycomb paperboard was listed in 1999, the current national priority to the development of high technology industry key field guide (catalog) of 136, and honeycomb paper board in April 2000 by the state development planning commission identified as a focus in the recent new material high-tech industrialization, the industrialization trend is very clear. Its advantage embodies in the following respects:

Honeycomb cardboard is a deeply value, worthy of promotion of packaging materials. It conforms to the national industrial policy. Packaging is a large consumption of wood, and wood packaging is a national industrial policy. Of honeycomb board estimates that in 2000 the national annual production capacity of about 3 million square meters of honeycomb paperboard. Some of honeycomb paperboard used for building materials (such as door), 50% and 50% for the production of trays, boxes, and health coffin. In the guide catalog for export goods generation of wooden packaging, the honeycomb cardboard and wood become the preferred material, it not only can save wood, more important is to break us, Canada, the European Union, etc. The barriers to trade in our country.

Honeycomb composite materials comply with the price law. This year, the timber price has risen in a straight line, all related to wood industry are affected, such as the furniture industry, paper industry, packaging, etc. In recent years, Africa, South America, southeast Asia countries have started to control deforestation by slowing exports, consumption did not reduce instead of increase demand and import lumber prices keep rising. Use wood packaging is no longer a low-cost, hindering to switch to other more economic material. Honeycomb cardboard scientific and reasonable structure, lower cost, in line with the price law.

Honeycomb composite materials to meet a need to protect the environment and sustainable development. Eliminate the white pollution has become an important topic of the current environmental protection, packaging and transportation by a large number of application of EPS cushion, white pollution has become increasingly serious. The Montreal protocol and the Vienna declaration (in our country are all signatories) regulation, to achieve the goal of eliminating pollution of EPS in 2005. Has good cushioning performance of honeycomb paperboard, and can be recycled, is an ideal material to replace EPS, conform to the general policy of protecting the environment and sustainable development.

5. Conclusion

The lack of wood resources in our country, it is wood consumption power. Save timber, develop alternative other environmental protection material, wood for the sustainable development of our country's economy and environment is particularly important. However, our country is in the late eighty s, started the research and development of honeycomb products, than foreign lag for 40 years. As soon as possible in order to narrow the gap with foreign countries should formulate relevant related laws and regulations, honeycomb composite materials and its products have preferential policy, investment vigorously support the honeycomb paper industry, help enterprises to research and produce professional honeycomb paper products suitable for all kinds of demand, and to support and improve its technical service and popularization system, using media, vigorously promote and advocate the superiority of honeycomb paper material and its various applications, accelerate it in furniture, building and packaging on the promotion and popularization, thus relieving the pressure of lack of timber resources to the state economy.