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The paper packaging industry development present situation

Add Time:2017/2/14    Clicks:2851

Worldwide, packaging products are mainly divided into paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging and glass packaging products four categories, among them, the paper packaging because of its sources, low cost, easy to handle, easy to store and the advantages of the recycling, is one of the most widely used form of packaging. With the improvement of production technology and technical level, paper packaging products have been able to replace the wood packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging, aluminum packaging, steel, iron sheet packing and so on many kinds of packaging form, application scope is more and more widely. Paper packaging can be recycled, the characteristics of green environmental protection, also accord with the development direction of circular economy.
In recent years, the global paper packaging production to stabilize growth year by year, dosage of continuous as the world's largest packaging materials, according to the world packaging organization, global paper packaging production value of about $216 billion in 2009.