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The components of Chinese paper structure and USES

Add Time:2017/2/14    Clicks:2923

Paper just as its name implies is refers to use paper or paper and other products made of materials synthesis processing, mainly including corrugated carton, carton, paper cups, paper plates, paper bowl, honeycomb cardboard, paper cans, paper bags, paper tubes, paper Angle protector, cardboard, paper embossing, pulp mold and hardcover books and periodicals album such as a wide variety of products. Modern paper products mainly have spread scientific and cultural knowledge; Product publicity and promotion; Measurement and packaging products; Products in the decoration and protection; To facilitate product transportation and sale etc. With easy recycling paper products, belong to the environmental protection green products, therefore, particularly suitable for inside and outside the packaging of the product. As the paper production technology and the innovation of the structure, paper level continuously improve product quality, modern paper products can replace wood packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging, aluminum packaging, steel, metal packaging, etc. Paper products production process is simple, is beneficial to reduce production energy consumption and material consumptions, to improve economic efficiency, is the ideal choice of market economy, also is the development direction of circular economy