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Transport packages Pressure test methods

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The standard equivalent to international standards ISO 2872--1985 "Packaging - Transport packages - complete, filled - pressure test."

     1. Subject Matter and Scope
     This standard specifies the main performance requirements when used for transport packages pressure test test equipment, test procedures and test report
     This standard applies to the assessment of transport packages when subjected to pressure, compressive strength and packaging of contents protection. It can be used as single tests can be used as part of a series of tests.

     2. Normative References
     GB / T 4857. 17 Transport packages compilation of performance test of the general principles
     GB 3538 transportation package labeling methods of the site
     GB / T 4857. 2 Transport packages temperature and humidity conditioning
     GB / T 4857. 18 Transport packages compilation of performance test of quantitative data

     3. Test principle
     The test sample was placed between the platens two parallel tester, and then uniformly applying pressure, displacement of the platen and recording the load until rupture test sample, or platen, or the load reaches a predetermined displacement value.

     4. Test Equipment
     4.1 Pressure testing machine
     Pressure testing machine motor drive, mechanical drive or hydraulic drive, type plate to make one or two soil platen 10 3 mm / min relative speed of movement at a uniform speed, applying pressure to the test sample.
     Plate should be smooth, almost water when plate placed the lowest point and the highest point of the plate surface height difference of not more than 1 mrru platen size should be larger than the size of contact with the test sample, the maximum stroke between the two plate should be greater than the test Gao of the sample.
     Plate should be hard, when 75% of the rated load test is applied in the center of the platen 100 mmX 100mmX100 mm hard wood on, any point on the platen deformation must not exceed 1 mm. This block should have sufficient strength to withstand the load without breakage.
     Lower platen must remain level throughout the course of the experiment, the level of inclination to stay within two thousandths. It should be securely mounted on the platen, and throughout the course of the experiment, the level of inclination should be kept within a fraction; mounted on a universal joint or h platen center position, so that it can freely tilt in any direction.
     4-2 recording device
     Recording means recording the load error shall not exceed the load applied to the displacement error of taxi plate is ± 1mm.

     5 test procedure
     5.1 preparation of test sample
     Prepare test samples according to the provisions of GB / T 4857.17 of.
     Number of test samples are generally less than three.
     5.2 Test samples of each part number
     According to the provisions of GB 3538, each part of the test sample number.
     5.3 Pretreatment of test samples
     According to the provisions of GB / T 4857. 2, and choose one of the conditions of temperature and humidity test sample pretreatment.
     Temperature and humidity conditions during test 5.4
     The test shall be performed under the same pretreatment temperature and humidity conditions. If you can not reach the same conditions, it should also be possible to test in phase with close temperature and humidity conditions.
     5.5 Selection of test intensity values
     According to the provisions of GB / T 4857. 18 selection trials intensity value.
     5.6 Test procedure
     5.6.1 Pressure test plane
     5. 6.1.1 record test site temperature and humidity.
     5. 6.1.2 The test sample is placed in a predetermined state at the central portion of the pressure plate, the upper platen and the test sample contact. Initial load of 220 N before adding to the test sample and the upper and lower plate contact. Adjust the recording apparatus, as a starting point displacement records.
     5. 6.1.3 to 10 ± 3mm / min speed of the moving platen distance ^ uniform pressure to be one of the following:
     A. compressive load does not reach the predetermined value, the test samples were ruptured;
     B. test sample size deformation or compressive load reaches a predetermined value.
     5.6.2 diagonal ribs and pressure test
     If you need to test samples of diagonal ribs and pressure resistance was measured using the F shall platen can not be freely inclined pressure testing machine.
Test procedure with flat pressure test.
     5. 6.3 test according to relevant standards, regulations damage check the packaging and contents, and analyze test results.

     6 Test report
      The test report shall include the following:
      . A detailed description of the test sample material such as the name, type, shape, size, density, plant, brands, said the factory of the like;
      . B number of test samples;
      . C pretreatment conditions of the test sample;
      . D When the test temperature and humidity conditions;
      . E For a description of test equipment;
      . F acceleration time history of a sample of each test;
      . G maximum acceleration a static stress curve, and marked drop Gao degree when test;
      . H Dynamic test sample compressive residual strain;
      I. Description Test methods used differ from these standards;
      . J Other detailed records and notes;
      k. test date, test personnel to sign the test unit seal.