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Several common buffer paper packaging material structure features Brief

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With the national emphasis on the "white pollution", with environmentally friendly materials instead of foam packing material as a buffer cushion packaging become a trend, the whole paper packaging to avoid trade barriers has become the new darling of the modern packaging. In recent years, the structure of the development of paper packaging materials has been rapid development. Cushioning material structure has shifted from a single type of complex conversion from the process type is functional. Here in paper honeycomb material, corrugated board and pulp molded products as an example the case of an overview of the structure of the development of paper cushioning material.
    Paper honeycomb material
    Paper honeycomb with light, environmental protection, noise, vibration and cost advantages known, it is mainly used to make absorbent cushioning pad product shipping or handling process by shock or vibration. In the form of paper honeycomb structure mainly hexagonal with reinforcing tape hexagonal, rectangular prism, corrugated, square, circular row sparse, dense rows of circles, triangles and so on. Traditional paper honeycomb structure (Fig. 1) was positively hexagon, it relies on a multi-layer coating of paper staggered paste, cut and dried, and then pull the formation of hexagonal structure. Hexagonal honeycomb paper products are labor-intensive, not suitable for fully automated production.
figure 1
Figure 1,2,3,4
    In 2000 Pflug applied for folding corrugated honeycomb (FIG. 2) of the patent, which is the use of the original corrugated board production line, increase cutting, rotating, folding and gluing processes in the system. Corrugated cardboard folding type cellular paste and diced more difficult, corrugated paper honeycomb of uniaxial compression strength is very high, particularly suitable for heavy-duty product cushioning.
    2004 Basily invented the direct molding process by means of a paper prepared 3D paper honeycomb (FIG. 3), it is suitable for automation of production, with an isotropic in two orthogonal directions, so that producers can reduce packaging material costs, save space, minimal use of materials, packaging materials, it is to guide reform and innovation force. Figure 3D folding paper honeycomb core Type 3 is machined from kraft paper made from them can be produced from a flat sheet of paper. 3D folding paper honeycomb core type uses a new type of packaging machinery technology, which can produce high-speed, and its production cost is lower than the current cost of production traditional paper honeycomb core.
    3D folding paper honeycomb core type main feature is their honeycomb structure with the current anti-seismic damage compared to absorb large amounts of energy. In addition, 3D folding core can improve the absorption rate of the material units to reduce costs.
    Basily and Elsayed invention Chevron Pattern folding can be made cubic block (Fig. 4 (a)) or in the form of a cylindrical barrel (Fig. 4 (b)) has played a buffer role. Chevron Pattern folded core can significantly reduce packaging size and weight, saving manufacturers and financial resources, but also can carry the process of packaging weight.
    Since 3D folding paper honeycomb type can be rotated, winding, bending so that it can be easily used for processing any packaging products, 3D folded paper honeycomb type packaging made of small, light and has a role in better protection of the product. Fragile products can be irregular 3D folded paper honeycomb type wound after packaging container placed in the other (Figure 5). The introduction of new packaging paper folding techniques can be done without the above printing, folding and the use of this technology can be made into the company's LOGO, solid color desired and the like. 3D folding paper honeycomb type can play both the role of promotional products can also play a role in protection against shock and vibration.
Figure 5
FIG 5,6,7,8,9
    In order to further improve the processing properties of paper honeycomb core, improve its automated production capacity in 2007, the author developed a variety suitable for the processing of paper honeycomb sandwich structures, which are made in two sizes alternating corrugated corrugated paper and adhesive laminated alternately to make.
    Corrugated cardboard
    To replace the foam, people have developed a variety of combination of corrugated board packaging corrugated board cushioning structure. 1996 KimDoWook and KimKiJeong in the original corrugated board on the development of double-ply reinforced corrugated board (Fig. 6), the original three-layer corrugated cardboard sandwich into two corrugated corrugated layer, without substantially increasing the based corrugated board thickness increases the compressive strength of corrugated board. Myung HoonLee and so on five different structural forms [single SW, double DW, single with a double sandwich DM, having a double-double sandwich (AA '+ Aflute) DMA, having a double-double clip core (AA '+ Bflute) DMB] corrugated board were four-point bending test in the MD direction and the CD direction, results show that the new structure of corrugated board compared with conventional corrugated board have better structural advantages. Guo Juan, also for 4-layer double-ply corrugated board and corrugated board were compared with experiments. Paperboard analyzes the structure of X-PLY super corrugated board, and the bursting strength, puncture strength, flat crush strength and compression strength, etc. comparative tests. In 2007 the author of a variety of corrugated composite material (Fig. 7) static compression and dynamic compression properties were tested and compared the performance of different bearer and buffer corrugated composites. High bearing capacity of folding corrugated composite materials, static energy absorption buffer is also larger, more suitable for large weight and hard surface products cushioning. * 0/90/0 cross stacked corrugated composites and 0/0/0 parallel stacked corrugated cushioning properties of the composite material is very similar to its carrying capacity is not high, but good elasticity, surface hardness more suitable for poor, vulnerable broken, fragility small product packaging.
    Bearing capacity of corrugated / cellular / corrugated composites depends largely on the mechanical properties of the honeycomb core. Corrugated / cellular / corrugated composites with little material greatly increases the thickness of the composite material, and its energy absorption efficiency is improved than simply stacked corrugated. Later, it improved the original corrugated sandwich structure invented the high-elastic corrugated board structure (Fig. 8).
    Pulp molding products
    Molded pulp products mainly applied in industrial packaging, egg trays, fruit trays, food packaging and semi-finished products, medical device packaging, the production of children's toys, theater props, crafts end of billet, furniture, components and other specialty materials, military , clothing and other industries packaging. Pulp molding products generally use multiple sets of mold assembly processing. With the improvement of mold technology, it has shaped cavity to produce molded pulp products. Molded pulp products such as container or multi ornament [13]. Processed form is through a combination of a plurality of different shapes of pulp-molded body during molding, by combining achieve certain application needs, complete the necessary packaging functions. Abroad molded pulp disposable urinal polyester material has been replaced by the use of multiple urinal. Therefore, with the improvement of technology, mold, molded pulp products structure tends to be more complicated, meticulous.
    In addition to traditional paperboard, corrugated board and pulp moldings, the current paper to meet the environmental needs of the foamed particles have gradually been developed and applied to electronic products into the buffer. Hamburg, Germany, a company will waste paper chopped mixed with the starch together the granulated syrupy substance that, in a sealed container, the application of high pressure and high temperature steam, then rapid decompression, then packaging foam particles, forming a porous beads made of foam packing material (Figure 9), it can be used as a cushioning material, cushioning properties superior to EPS. For electronics, instruments and sensitive materials cushioning.
    In summary, as in recent years, environmental protection and reduction of packaging growing demand and further improve the structure of the Electrical and Mechanical Technology cushioning material has been rapid development of different structures, suitable for cushioning material and special products The structure came into being. Structure of the buffer material are turning from a single type of complex conversion from the process type is functional. By the change in the traditional paper honeycomb structural become molding process innovation; corrugated cardboard from a single corrugated structure into a corrugated composite structure; pulp molding products with the further improvement mold technology, increasingly detailed, structured complex.